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Goji Bar was a project based on a natural smoothie bar and healthy eatery using only fresh products. With a grab and go concept,  the main message is eating healthy is an act of self-care. The space is based in a mall in Bahrain with a door communicating directly with a fitness studio. Unfortunately, after hiring me as there art director, they ended up not going through with executing the project and have chosen to rent the space to a third party operator instead.

The brand had to enhance the importance of nutrition to health and fitness without being too preachy. A survey of gym members showed that most don’t follow a strict healthy diet. Goji Bar was all about enjoying a delicious treat by knowing it’s good for your body and mind. With an approachable and fun tone of voice, the goal was to bring a new spin on the way we enjoy fruits, teaching the customers how it can help improve their health wilst still cheering them up by being so delicious.

Goji Bar was mainly aiming to bring customers from the fitness studio, young and middle aged professionals (Age - 20-55+), interested in F45, group workouts, in need of a boost after their workouts. As a mall location, it was also important to be able to attract a broader target.

Visual Identity
Social Media





Global branding visualisation

Healthy food shouldn’t be boring. It is a fuel for the body and the soul. It should make you smile without worrying. Conveying deliciousness and freedom was the main goal of this direction. The warm and sweet tone colors as well as the round typefaces are conveying this idea of wholesomeness you can find in Goji Bar’s smoothies. The handdrawn illustrations show the natural freshness of the ingredients wilst still conveying a clean and nutritional aspect by being placed in an orderly manner. The photographies are mouth-watering close-ups of fruits and smoothies, inviting the customers to feast on Goji Bar delicious treats.


Goji Bar piste 2 logo-18.png

Look and feel

Color Palette


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Cup Sleaves

Napkins and paper bags

Loyalty cards




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