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(Personal Project)

Natif is the idea of an online brand of customizable notebooks featuring cultural content. With the collaboration of partners, the brand could help the customers broaden their cultural knowledge while developing their creativity.

Natif would be an environmentally aware company, using only premium recycled paper, providing the client with quality notebooks as well as customization tools to make each notebook unique.

Creating a visual identity to communicate to the world this new stationery company.
Conveying the uniqueness of the brand and appeal the customers with its customization and cultural concept.
Making a great interactive website showing all the tools provided by Natif.

Mainly 20-35 y.o from Paris.
Lovers of paper, stationery, and culture.

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Web Design

Romane Musellec
Léa Pons
Ziwei Zhou
Gabrielle Monceaux

Natif stationery_edited.jpg
Natif logo.jpg
Natif Business Cards.jpg
Mrs Eaves.jpg

Mrs. Eaves, created by Zuzana Licko in 1961, is an elegant and feminine variant of the typeface Baskerville. Its playful ligatures are what inspired the logo. Mr Eave, the Sans-serif companion, is used for the running text to insure readability.

Natif visual identity 2.jpg
Natif visual identity.jpg
Natif Paper.jpg
Natif stationery.jpg

A 100% 

Natif offers to design and customize notebooks from front to back covers and everything in between. Whether the design is a diary, music, or writing book, the customer's creativity will guide Natif to individualise the content to suit them. They can also explore new subjects by adding special cultural interleaves.

Natif notebooks.png
Natif layout.jpg


Natif is also designing notebooks ready for use including additional cultural content. They will allow the customers to increase their knowledge in music, literature, film, cooking, and so on!

Natif notebook.gif
Natif 3 notebooks.jpg

Web Design with customisable tools

Natif mailbox.jpg
Natif mailbox 2.jpg
Natif poster.jpg






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