Les Chroniques de l'Érable et du Cerisier

Logo Design / Illustration


The first volume of Les Chroniques de l'Érable et du Cerisier called Le Masque de Nô, written by Camille Monceaux was published on the 27th of August 2020 by the prestigious publishing house Gallimard Jeunesse. Between samurai, Japanese landscapes and traditions, lovers of Japan can only fall in love with the universe carefully put together by the author. We meet Ichirô, an abandoned child who will be educated and trained by a samurai. As they live in seclusion in the heart of the mountains, Ichiro's life will change forever.

LOGO FINAL Masque de No.png

I had the great opportunity to create the logo of the saga, a map of the city of Tokyo at the beginning of the book and an illustrated pattern printed on the fore-edge. The title of the book could be translated in english by The Chronicles of the Maple and the Cherry Tree. That's why I felt important to include it in the logo as well as the translated Japanese kanji. Their handmade style give a feeling of an old traditional seal. 

Illustration_sans_titre 57.png
Illustration_sans_titre 59.png



Les Chroniques de l'Érable et du Cerisier will be a 4 volume saga. On each book will be printed an illustrated fore-edge. In this epic story, we'll be following the adventures of Ichîro through the seasons so I decided to represent each season for each volume. The first one beginning with winter.

Illustration_sans_titre 129.JPG
Illustration_sans_titre 104.jpg

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